Feeling a bit tired or lacking in motivation at your workplace? Maybe it’s time for a good office clean-up! Having the proper atmosphere and organization in the workplace positively impacts your efficiency, creativity and mood. More than this, bringing changes to your work environment can help you see things from a new, different perspective and come up with new ideas.   

…or maybe it’s simply time for the spring clean-up and you are wondering how to do things best?   

Here are some tips that might help you:

It’s all about organizing your space

First of all, a clean office environment will bring clarity to your mind. Remember those times when you couldn’t find the paper clips? It was very annoying and time wasting. Breaking your office space into zones and decluttering is quintessential.   

You need to strategically place your work belongings in the space surrounding you. It is best to keep close to you (the area surrounding the radius of your arms) only what is an absolute necessity: coffee, pens or paper. The rest, supplies or paperwork, should be found in areas specifically assigned for them and kept in order. It is so relieving when you know where to find what you need. This way, you are not consuming your mental energy with looking for objects.

Less is more.

Keep only what you need. A cluttered desk in a messy office undermines people’s sense of control, and it can feel overwhelming.  

Do not feel afraid to throw away. Throw away everything that is useless: that bag you are still keeping under the desk, old, useless paper sheets, pencils that don’t work anymore – just about anything that clogs your mind.  

Keep only the five most relevant items for your work on your desk. This will improve your concentration and it will allow enough space for concentration. Keep this rule in mind: if you haven’t used something in a month and it is highly unlikely that you will ever use it, just throw it away and do not feel guilty about it!   

The office is a space for work, not a deposit, so place limits on the amount of stuff you can bring into it. For example, you can keep a bookshelf to yourself and never allow it to become full or overloaded.

Good smell and fresh air are great for the brain.

Last but not least, use your cleaning time well! Do not forget that our senses are very important and they have a direct impact on our brains. Fresh air and the right lighting in the office will send good signals to your brain, which will also improve your work efficiency.  

It is advisable to clean your equipment daily, as well as your desk. That should take about 10 min every day. As for the carpets, make sure carpet cleaners that smell good and leave a good odor are used.

Disinfection of the workplace is also very important. A workplace can have up to 7,500 bacteria at the same time and the average employee spends 9 working days/year in sick leave and the causes of the sickness could include poor workplace hygiene.   

When tidying up, focus on the desk first and do not leave it untouched, because this is the space you will use most. Do not feel afraid to place some plants around you, keep the air fresh and use cleaning products that will smell good.   

In the end, a clean office space is much more than just wiping dust off your desk. It is about freeing space, keeping it simple and in order and making the air fresh and smelling good.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    By: Dennis Hung