I was born and raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. At that time there was no kindergarden or nursery so my basic education was from my parents. Still remember my mother yelling at me to sit and study properly. I was the naughty one you know; kid that keeps on experimenting on new things and because of this I have experienced every slap from my mom :) (which is also a blessing). Anyways alongwith many other sweet memories from the past this one particular line from my father served me my whole life.

He use to say “Son, if you start something well then it will automatically finish well.”

I use to complain to my father that I have tried my best on this thing but it didn’t work. No Son, you didn’t start your work with “Bismillah” I say ph yes I forgot it and this childhood habit made all the difference in my life. I’ve noticed that it takes 3 seconds to recite “Bismillah” but whenever I start something with “Bismillah” it works out really well.


Recite Bismillah before starting any work


Now days I hear people saying “Bismillah” don’t work anymore I suggest no, the thing is you don’t have faith anymore. In my life I have done many projects and every single one done with “Bismillah” went perfect. When you recite “Bismillah” this means you are declaring Ya ALLAH I cannot do anything without your help and please send your blessings upon me.

It doesn’t matter if the task is small or big what matters is you start it with “Bismillah” which will add Barakah to the task and Success will be guaranteed.

Think for a moment how confident will you feel when you have faith that ALLAH Subhan o Tala is with you. What miracles will you perform when you have faith on ALLAH Subhan o Tala.

It’s just a simple act but trust me this act will add miraculous changes in the way you do start your things. So from now on whether you wake up, start a new project, drink a glass of water or any possible thing just start with “Bismillah” and guarantee your Success.


By: Yousuf Rafi

Yousuf Raif is a blogger and IT expert based in Pakistan
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