Going to college is one of the best things that anyone can do for their future earning potential. There are many people who are trying to get a college degree in order to improve their career. One of the most lucrative degree programs is in computer science. There are numerous graduates who get a computer science degree and land a quality job after graduation.

However, there are also various issues facing people who graduate with this degree. Not only is the cost of college increasing rapidly, but there are many people who are struggling to land a job within the field. As the field of computer science continues to change, it is critical that students understand the current problems facing workers in the industry.

Cost of College

One of the biggest issues facing students entering the field of computer science is the cost of college. Over the past decade, the cost of college has increased drastically. As a result, more students than ever before are taking on additional loans. This is a major issue for several reasons.

Not only does this put students in a bad financial situation, but it also prevents some students from attending college at all. There are various students who simply do not want to take on additional debt and decide to pursue another career path.

Students who graduate from college with student loans should pay the loans off as quickly as possible. There are some students who wait years before they start paying down the debt. As a result, these students end up having numerous financial issues later in life.

Job Market for Graduates

The job market for college graduates is not as strong as it used to be. There are some students who have trouble finding a quality job after graduation. This is especially bad for students who have high student loan payments.

One of the best ways to land a job in the field is to gain work experience while in college. There are many companies looking for interns. Getting an internship is a great way to gain experience and make money.

New Technology

Another major issue facing college graduates in this field is the new technology that is developing every year. It is difficult to stay updated on all of the new technology options within the industry. As a result, few people understand all of the network monitoring tools available. Companies expect employees to stay updated on all of the new tools available to use.

People who graduate from college must continue to spend both time and money staying updated with new technology. This is one of the best ways for people to take their career to a new level. In the computer science industry, the best workers are people who continue to invest in their education after they graduate.

Higher Competition

There are many graduates who have a hard time landing a job due to increased competition. Some companies recruit workers from all over the world. Many times, foreign workers are willing to work for lower wages. As a result, there are numerous college graduates who have a hard time getting a job in the field. In the coming years, many people expect that the high levels of competition will only continue. This is one of the reasons why so many students are choosing another career path.

Graduating with a degree in computer science is a great way to have a successful career. However, it is important for students to understand all of the challenges facing them in the future. The best way to increase the chances of getting a job is to acquire work experience while in college.


by: Dennis Hung