Finding ways to build, boost or increase your business is a never-ending task for most business owners and even their employees. For the most part, businesses look to standard solutions like creating more effective marketing, finding ways to cut costs, offer new products or services or even train their employees better. All of these have the potential to boost your business and increase your revenue, but they might not be the best solution of all. Sometimes, the way to better your business is to become a better businessman. Your biggest goldmine of untapped potential might just be yourself. Here are 3 ways to become a better businessman.

  1. Never stop learning

Some of the most successful people in almost any industry are lifelong learners. Ask them what they are reading and they will most likely give you a long list of books they are either currently reading or listening to or the one book they are reading right now with several others on tap and ready to go. Those books are unlikely to be the latest romance or psychological thriller, but rather some kind of self-improvement or business books. Successful people also don’t just read books about their own field or industry either. The most successful businessmen are generally well educated on a wide range of topics, many of which are self-taught.

From understanding the entire vinification process from start to finish to having the equivalent of a degree in art history to knowing a range of foreign languages, you just never know the variety of topics a successful businessmen can knowledgeably address. In addition, successful businessmen will often have a wide range of interests. They may develop a fascination with aviation which leads them to get their pilot’s license, only to turn around and become an avid golfer the following year. Many times, the same drive that allows them to become a successful businessman would lead them to success in any field they might choose.

  1. Never stop growing

Learning is not growth in and of itself, it is merely the first step to growth. Growth is also not linear. The phrase “falling forward” is a summation of this idea that growth sometimes actually involves failure. Failure seems like a step backward, but it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes growth is one step forward, three steps back until it becomes one step forward, two steps back before suddenly becoming a giant leap forward. New growth doesn’t generally happen without new knowledge, however, which is exactly why lifelong learning is so important. You’re always going to need new information to create new growth.

  1. Get a coach

Every single team in the NBA, NFL, NHL, NASL and every other professional sport has an entire team of coaches dedicated to helping each and every player excel. In fact, no professional athlete ever reaches a stage where they stop needing a coach or stop needing to improve. Smart businessmen can learn something from this. No matter what new challenge you are trying to tackle, there is always going to be someone that can help. Whether you want to improve your golf swing or expand your circle of influence, coaching and training are an invaluable part of the process. In fact, the 2010 movie The King’s Speech is a fictionalized accounting of King George VI seeking out the services of a speech therapist for his horrible stuttering problem. While some of the details may have been fictionalized, the underlying story is not. Whether you need help becoming a better public speaker, influence training or help managing your supply chain, there is most likely a coach available to help.

The quest to become a better businessman is something that will most likely be a lifelong process. Most businessmen recognize that every time they make a breakthrough in personal growth, their business has a tendency to experience a similar surge. Conversely, personal setbacks often have a similar effect on their business. If you want to grow your business, the first thing you might try is growing yourself.


by: Sia Hasan