Business Leadership Qualities:

30% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, and only half make it to the five-year mark. But while this is often a result of unforeseen market complications, the simple truth is that often, it’s the business’ leadership that is to blame.

Not everyone has what it takes to run a business. And even fewer have what it takes to make it a success. On first glance, the world’s most successful CEO’s and founders may seem very different. Some went to Harvard, others were high school dropouts. Some made their millions in their 20s, some in their 70s. And their personalities are all over the map. But every successful and affluent business leader has three things in common: They are self-managing, have a strong vision, and an even stronger passion for what they do.   This is the list of the few  Business Leadership Qualities  that is a must in every businessman. 

Self-Managing in Business Leadership Qualities

A self-starter, self-motivated, driven, persistent, resilient leader are almost all the Business Leadership Qualities that we expect. Someone who has all of these qualities would be lost in they weren’t able to manage themselves efficiently. The first step of leadership isn’t leading others, it’s managing yourself. You must be aware enough of yourself, your limits, your talents, and your weaknesses to know what you can and cannot handle. You must be disciplined, but flexible at the same time. And, perhaps, most importantly, you have to have enough control over your emotions to manage the immense stress that comes with a leadership position. Learn to let things roll off your back, or find ways to simplify your life. Before you attempt to manage employees or a team, make sure that you are able to identify your own limits and adjust accordingly.   


A true leader has a vision and they do what it takes to see that vision realized. Being able to handle and foresee the day to day problems of every office is important, but keeping an eye on the ultimate goal, the company’s future, and having concrete plans to meet those goals will help inform all of the smaller decisions you make. To maintain the long-term goals, you have to remain optimistic and positive, even in spite of setbacks and worries. Running a business comes with its fair share of complications, but working around them, with the end always in mind, makes a great leader. You also have to be able to communicate that vision to others while also convincing them to buy into it. Without being overbearing, you must persuade your coworkers, employees, and customers that the course you’ve set for the company is, in fact, the best one. Always keeping perspective will help you run the business in the right direction.   


It should go without saying that a true leader is passionate about the company he or she is leading. Google, Facebook, Nu Skin, and Groupon are just a few examples of wildly successful companies with founders and leaders that are passionate about the work that they do. You may be good at leading, but if your heart isn’t in burgers, get out of the fast food industry. All great and successful leaders share a passion for their product that makes their appetite for success insatiable. To truly lead, you must do what you love and love what you do. This trickles into every decision you make, every person you hire, and every improvement you chase. Passion is power.

To become an affluent business leader, there are a lot of important things you must do, but more importantly, there are certain things you must be. Self-motivated, visionary, and passionate people attract other self-motivated, visionary and passionate people. And together, you will run a business that is unstoppable. These are few of the best Business Leadership Qualities that works well. 


by:  Jamison Hutton