It might be true that in the traditional sense, the government and businesses don’t get along as well as other entities. However, when it comes to some things like technology (that the government usually lagged behind on) there are big changes in the mix. You might be surprised to find that a lot of innovations in the government sector offer something you can learn from and apply in your business:


Security in today’s day and age it’s more important than ever. Long gone are the days where you didn’t have to worry about someone being able to steal all of your most important information just by hacking into your email.

It used to be that you could have a safe storage locker of all your files and keep it secured with a bank full of stone walls and armed guards. Now, small specs of light and electricity unlock all the banking information, customer lists, and private data available to you. If this hasn’t affected your company yet, it will.

DFARS and other protocols are put into place as standards by security professionals to help businesses and governments adapt to modern technology and prevent themselves from being exposed. Consider taking hints from governments and overhauling your IT infrastructure. Is it expensive? Sure but the extra investment will protect you against the worst possible scenarios facing your company today.


Every business wants to be more efficient. With better efficiency, you can save valuable time. This time means your employees can be doing more and getting more done even though you are paying them for the same amount of work. With the extra time and money you save you could create entire new arms of your business or innovations that let you compete in a whole new way.

So if you are interested in being more efficient, look at the way governments are now even using CRMs to navigate their portals that help citizens with typical services. These include ticketing, licensing, and getting assistance for government aid programs.

How can you use a CRM or other software to make your team (both sales and customer service) more efficient so they are helping more people in less time? Answering this question could mean the difference between you being at the bottom of your field or the top.


In today’s day and age, nothing gets done online without the right infrastructure. This is true in government especially. Everything important has to have an online presence today, as that is how consumers are accessing services and information. From looking at the state department’s travel advisories, to getting healthcare coverage, to petitioning their congress members, the people want a government that invests in infrastructure to support this.

You can take a hint from the way that government uses infrastructure investment. By putting time and money into better IT, you aren’t just going to appeal to more people, you are going to be able to serve them better. This is because of the load that modern day servers have when it comes to mobile and desktop apps and websites.

If you were a customer, which business would you spend your hard earned money on: the one that lets you complete your shopping experience in minutes, or the one that takes twice the amount of time because their infrastructure is slow online? Obviously, every consumer would choose and convenience today when people expect instant results. If you honor this desire, you could truly turn the tables on your industry.

Don’t miss out the tips you can learn from the government when it comes technology and how to use it better. The government is coming a long way in their adoption of new age tech that you could use to boost your business as well. Don’t miss out, start applying these services today so you can gain as much growth now and into the future as possible.


Author Bio:  Jeremy is a tech and business writer from Simi Valley, CA. He’s worked for  Adobe, Google, and himself. He lives for success stories, and hopes to be one someday.