Sochi is seeing a heartwarming ceremony as the 2014 Winter Paralympic Games open. The hosts are among the Paralympic favorites at the Games, which are already raising the awareness for the disabled people in Russia.

Unity, equality, inclusiveness – these are the mottos of the opening ceremony taking place at the Fisht stadium in Sochi Olympic Park. An equal amount of effort has been put into making the ceremony as“bright and colorful,” as the breathtaking Olympics opening of February 7.

Russia’s fairytale phoenix has been symbolically picked as one of the characters for the show. According to the event’s creative director Konstantin Ernst, the very fact that Russia is hosting its first Paralympics has been very important for the people with disabilities living in the country, ever since the decision was announced in 2007.

“We couldn’t fail to take note of the positive changes that had taken place in Russian society with regard to people with disabilities. We focused on passing on that feeling, and our ceremony is called ‘Breaking the Ice.’ It explains how important it is to break down comprehension barriers between people,” Ernst said as quoted by RIA Novosti. see more

source: Rt