Following are 10 easy steps to welcome eid after Ramadan blessings.


From Magreb of last Ramadan till Eid Prayer


[quote]Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar la illaha ill Allah Wa Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Wa lillahi Alhamd[/quote]


2.Prepare your Eid Outfits early i.e. before ramdan

Prepare it the night before and place every thing you need at one place

3.Follow the Sunnah before Eid Prayer

  1. Take a bath
  2. Put on your best clothes
  3. For the men, use perfume
  4. Eat Sweet e.g. dates
  5. Recite Takbir

4.Eat moderately

Try to limit amount of food you have and stick to regular meal on the day.

5.Take a different route to/from the mosque

Spread greeting of Eid and Salam to different people

6.Take a day off

Explain to your employers eid is important to you and book your day off in advance

7.Vist  relatives/neighbors/friends

  1. Call before you visit
  2. Take a gift
  3. Invite them to yours too
  4. Relatives living a far call them on phone or skype
  5. Make unhappy friends happy, if they are angry with you

8.Increase your suplications

  1. Make dua that Allah accepts all your good deeds and grant you another ramadan
  2. Keep the Ummah in your prayer
  3. Thank Allah
9.Stick to the good deeds
  1. Women, Hijab on
  2. Reading Quran
  3. Salah in time
10.Exchange gifts make cards
  1. Small perfumes
  2. Beneficial household items
  3. Hand Written Cards by post


Ref:  abi through ramadan productive